Your Membership

Your membership of Yarrambat Horse & Pony Club gives you access to all our club activities and much more. From February to December each year, we hold a rally meeting each month at our club grounds.  This is a fantastic opportunity for our members to enjoy group based learning activities and socialise with like minded horse enthusiasts.  We also host competitions and clinics throughout the year and your PCAV membership also entitles you to compete at events hosted by other pony clubs.

Outlined below is a wealth of information about your membership at YHPC and our rally days.  Please take the time to read through it all and if you still have questions, please contact the relevant committee member who can clarify your queries:

Membership Coordinator : Genevieve Brocksopp Email Gen 

District Commissioner (DC):Sinéad Hanlon Email Sinead

Secretary: Teha Smart Email Teha

Rally Groups

Members are instructed in groups based on their riding standard. The numbers of groups vary so that each group has between 7 and 10 riders. There are currently nine of these groups and groupings are reviewed on a regular basis throughout the year. Group information is updated a week before every rally in the rallies section.


Grading for Dressage, Combined Training and Horse Trials are from Grade 1 to Grade 5, with Grade 5 being the lowest.

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Showjumping gradings are slightly different in that they are from F grade to A grade, with F being the lowest. Grades are not necessarily the same across all disciplines, i.e. a rider could be in Grade 3 for Dressage, Grade 3 for Combined Training, but Grade 4 for Horse Trials and D Grade in Showjumping. There are no grades for Games or Showing.

For a rider to be graded on their horse they must have attended at least two official rallies of YHPC.

Riders must have attained their D Certificate to be graded in Horse Trials and riders must be 8 years of age and over to compete in Horse Trials. There is no age restraint in Dressage, Showjumping or Combined Training competitions.

How does grading work?

Gradings are based on the ability of the horse and rider combination, not just the rider. Other factors taken into account include competence, , safety, confidence, experience, size of the horse and the age of both horse and rider

Each rider can be graded on as many horses as they wish, provided they have attended at least two rallies on each horse. The grading given on one horse may be different to that given on another horse.

Riders over 13 years of age must have their C Certificate to compete in Zone and State competitions. Grading is decided by the District Commissioner (DC) in conjunction with the instructors. Only the DC can enter the grading details on a grading card. If a rider would like to be graded or have an assessment for moving up a grade, they need to contact the DC prior to the rally.

Membership cards

The membership cards are kept with the Grading Cards Coordinator or riders can decide to look after their own card. Members must obtain their own membership cards from the Grading Cards Coordinator prior to competing in any competition.

At an event, membership cards are exchanged for the riders competition number. The number is proof that the horse and rider are eligible to compete at a particular grade. Riders must remembe

r to retrieve their card at the end of the competition.

In summary, to compete at a competition, a rider and horse combination must be graded for that competition and have attended at least five rallies in the previous twelve months (two rallies for associate members). These details must be recorded on your membership card.

Remember: Grading cards must be presented at all events. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to compete. No card, no ride.

Access to our Grounds

Members’ Access

Our grounds are there to be enjoyed by all members and are available to be used throughout the year with the exception of:

  • The second Saturday in the month. This is the day when the Yarrambat Adult Riding Club (YARC) uses the ground.
  • When there is a competition run by either our club or YARC
  • When the grounds have been hired to outside equestrian groups as listed on the YHPC events calendar

Keys to the grounds (to open gates on non-rally days) are available to members who have been a member of the club for at least 3 months.

A refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure this key. The key must be returned when membership ceases and the deposit will be refunded.

Please email Helen Turner (Uniforms/Keys Register) to arrange a key.

Gates that need to be locked

The following gates must be locked when you are the last person to leave the grounds:

  • The double entry gates
  •  The white gate that is close to the equipment shed. This one protects all our equipment that is stored in the sheds
  • The junior yard gate
  • The gate to cross country course.
  • The toilet gates

Riders (under 18 years) must be accompanied by an adult when using the cross country or showjumps.

Non-members use of the YHPC grounds

Parents of financial members can ride at the grounds as long as they have insurance with either HRCAV or EFA.

Members are permitted to bring 1 guest to ride at our grounds on non rally days, providing they complete the relevant paperwork beforehand and pay the $10.00 fee.  Guests must have insurance with either PCAV, HRCAV or EFA.

Access to Aero Club / YHPC strip of land

There is a strip of land (with cross country jumps) near the Greensborough Model Aircraft Club. We only have a lease to use this area from 7am to 7pm at weekends. There is a sign at the entrance to this area warning riders of our leasing arrangements. Whenever riders are using this area please be aware of the model planes.

Rally days

07Jul2013_2930-001Your first rally is very exciting, but also a little daunting. Being prepared helps and that’s why we’ve developed a run through of how a rally day progresses. Every effort will be made to buddy up new members with someone who knows the ropes so they can show you around and introduce you to other families.

Lesson 1 and gear check

At 10:30am we all line up with our instructors in the Junior Yard to check that our gear is safe and clean.

What will instructors check?

Presentation of pony or horse
  • Neat and tidy
  • Hooves trimmed
  • Mud removed
Presentation of rider
  • Neat and tidy – no earrings
  • Pony Club uniform is worn with beige, cream, white or banana coloured jodhpurs.
  • Correct foot attire – smooth soled riding boots
  • Helmet – compliant with Australian standards
  • Pony Club badge
  • Medical armband with current and correct details – available for purchase from the Uniform Shop

Tack is required to be clean – some instructors prefer that the children have a go, so mums and dads, it isn’t just up to you. Safety is important and that’s why we check for any worn or potentially dangerous damage to your tack. Correct fit is also checked (particularly stirrup irons, which must have a finger’s width either side of the child’s foot). This is for your pony’s sake – an incorrectly fitting saddle or bridle can cause great pain to your pony or horse.


Please take care of your pony before you visit our lovely canteen for lunch. If you need help to look after your pony, please talk to the DC. We recommend unsaddling, providing food and water and making sure your pony is comfortable and safe (in cold weather a rug will stop them getting a chill).

Lesson 2

Check the rally plan board outside the clubhouse for details.

Lesson 3

The final lesson for the day.

(as required by your instructor)

The theory lessons are based on a PCAV format, which allows the children to achieve certificates as they progress.

Important points – before you go home!

Please pick up any manure and put it on the heap near the yards.

If you leave early, please let our DC know. If you need more details about our rallies, visit the important rally information page.

First Aid

We have a First Aid Coordinator whose name and number will be listed on the rally information board.

All members must fill out and return a Medical Information Form. You can download the medical form here.

If there is an accident at the rally, one of these parents needs to be contacted. A report must be filled out. If at all concerned, ring 000 for an ambulance.

Member duties and responsibilities

Canteen, grounds & events duty

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of organising that goes into a rally day. And even more for event days! As a result, each YHPC family is required to assist at two rallies and at our events throughout the year, either in the canteen or grounds. The duties roster is on our homepage and is updated regularly.

When you are on duty, please confirm your availability with your team leader. If you cannot make your assigned days it is your responsibility to contact another member and swap with them.  If you fail to complete your duties, you will be charged an extra fee when you renew your membership.



Our club is run by volunteers and requires a lot preparation for events and clinics to run smoothly. Our committee is a dedicated group who can always do with extra help so if you wish to be more involved please contact us.


We try to keep our fees modest and so our fundraisers are really important. Our major fundraising activities tend to be event days and the canteen profits from each rally!

Our events also enable members to compete on home turf and are a great way to learn the ropes. So please put your hand up to volunteer or talk to one of our committee members.

Working bees

Throughout the year we hold working bees to keep our grounds neat, tidy and safe. As part of your membership it is required that you make the effort to attend these days.