March Rally Groups

Hi Riders,

Please find rally groups outlined below and a reminder of the basis upon which rally groups are formed.

Members are instructed in groups based largely on the ability of the horse and rider combination. Grading and grouping is not an exact science and often riders’ abilities can vary across the disciplines. With this in mind, we work very hard to ensure that our riders are placed in groups that allow the group to operate at a similar level where everyone can learn, be challenged and enjoy the rally.

Please understand that the groups are not a reflection purely of rider skill. For example, a rider in the Yellow group may be more skilled than a rider in the Blue group or a rider in Grey group may be better in one discipline that some of the riders in the Black group. Similarly, some of our younger riders may be more skilled than some of our senior riders, but are placed in a group with riders of similar age and similar (not necessarily the same) ability.



Rally Groups…


  • Rosie Brocksopp
  • Ciara Hanlon
  • Annalise Turner
  • Eloise Barton
  • Sheridan King
  • Edward Darby
  • Destinee Stubbs
  • Maddy Kitto
  • Eliza Harvey


  • Sam Reeder
  • Jessica Flynn
  • Madeline Ballinger
  • Rose Stephen
  • Tamika Allen
  • Juliet Reeder
  • Miranda Darby

Grey G3

  • Ellie Munnery
  • Zali Vanderwert
  • Amelia Ryan
  • Amelia Scheffer
  • Lucy Yob
  • Alysha James
  • Hannah Spencer
  • Chloe Nott
  • Jess Harrison


  • Shelby Eagle
  • Abbey Macleod
  • Ashley Davies
  • Stephanie Mackenzie
  • Emily Gamble
  • Kate Humphrey
  • Georgia Bissicks
  • Gabby Page
  • Tiann Yeomans


  • Kelsey Dodds
  • Ebony Baird
  • Abigail Ryan
  • Lily Harrison
  • Temma Rowe
  • Lily Stubbs
  • Alice Darby
  • Alice Davies


  • Shay Liarne Donohue
  • Teresa Argiro
  • Ashleigh Mackenzie
  • Cassie Zaccagnini
  • Gemma Tapping
  • Michaela Page
  • Kristy Mott
  • Kristin Mackeller


  • Ireland Parsons
  • Ieshah Griggs
  • Sarah Young
  • Chelsea Boyd
  • Kasey Humphrey
  • Jack Bissicks
  • Lily King
  • Millie Harvey (G)


  • Lana Tozer
  • Yianni Fouskarinis
  • Ryan Bissicks
  • Lilly Kitto
  • Eleanor Shepard
  • Eliza Moore
  • Amelia Carmody
  • Oscar Lorman